Businesses are always looking at ways to cut costs, but at the same time function in today’s rapidly growing information technology (IT) world. Being at the leading edge of technology while keeping cost low can be possible; by outsourcing your company’s IT department to knowledgeable IT Professionals. Keltic Fish L.L.C. is your choice for an IT solutions with certified and experienced technicians. Keltic Fish L.L.C. also specializes in VoIP keeping costs low and functioning with redundancies.

Our dedicated staff of insurance professionals is known for its friendly service and positive attitude. We offer the type of quality service you should expect from an Independent Insurance and Financial Services Agency. Take a moment to read more about our agency and our philosophy of great customer service.

As a full-service agency, we specialize in providing Individuals and Businesses with the best insurance or investment package. Our job is to build your portfolio from a wide range of risk protection options that suits your goals and your budget.

Business Credit and Funding Solutions where . . .

Credit and Risk are attached only to the EIN not your SSN.

BizClub ZERO is stretching the boundaries of co-working spaces by fostering a more holistically balanced version of business and lifestyle. We recognize that Reno is home to many businesses and business professionals who are underserved by the co-working venues locally offered; having grown past the “start-up phase”, they are well into next level strategies and conversations.

BizClub Zero offers the amenities professionals need to grow and scale their business. Whether you need a virtual office, event space, meeting space or a private office, we have a solution for you!


Our Networking is focused to grow a plethora of marketing professionals whose purpose remains ‘others’ centered.

Our membership knows that the power of referral marketing is the best way to grow any business, However, the Dynamic B2B members take it one step further, as we want to grow your reputation as a trusted, business member of the community.    We understand it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and we stay committed to keeping yours in tact.  We not only  following through with your ‘valued’ referrals but also reciprocate by lending our trusted relationships to your professional services too!

We are a unified community, that accepts the assignment Jesus gave us to demonstrate His love to all we come in contact with. No judgment, No manipulation, No Kidding.

Merchant Tech Services is your one stop shop for all business needs.  We are located in all BizClub Zero locations.